The Corruption Remedy Process continues

To: Prime Minister, Attorney General, Opposition Leader, Other Party Leaders + All MPs,

The Corruption Claims and Election Fairness Claims continue to get Issue Denial Fraud Proof, Dismissal Fraud Proof and Restraint Fraud Proof against the High Court Masters and Justices. The choice for Political Party Leaders is to deliver Corruption Remedies for the Victims or create Remedy Denial Fraud Proof for the Crown and Parliament against themselves. The Remedy Denial Fraud Proof will be Election Fraud Proof for the People, Crown and Parliament against All Liable Parties.

The Political Party Leaders can use the Corruption Remedy Cases to make Consent Remedy Order Agreements with the Victims. Mass Remedies needs Profession Practice Monopoly Enforcement Restraint Orders against the State and Profession Authorities.  The Criminal Conspiracy Proof includes State Ordered Murder Proof against Doctors and Court Fraud Proof against Lawyers and Law Court Judges.  

The Harassment Frauds by West Yorkshire Police, Sussex Police and Cheshire Police against Citizens Mr Awodiya, Mr Taylor and Mr Mustafa are Similar Fact Fraud Proof for Election Fraud Claims.

A Parental Consent Request and Reasons Denial Fraud by the Head Master of a Local School aroused the suspicions of Citizen Mr Awodiya. He discovered Without Parental Consent Medication Frauds and Disabled Child Budget Frauds. He made Fraud Complaints that got the Rapid Response of Firearms Possession Defamation Frauds + Violent Personality Defamation Frauds by West Yorkshire Police.  He and his wife got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Government Lawyers and the Law Courts. It included Forgery and Perjury. It included Law Practice Registration Denial Frauds. Citizen Mr Awodiya used it to get Criminal Conspiracy Protection Fraud Proof against the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. The High Court Judges dare not make Dismissal Orders or Trial Orders in Corruption Cases.  There were Harassment Frauds by Leeds City Council, West Yorkshire Police and the Law Courts. Citizen Mr Awodiya got issue of Election Fairness Claim QB 2019 003126. It got Dismissal Fraud Proof and Restraint Fraud Proof against High Court Judges. The result is Fraud QB 2019 003126 Revocation Application and Fraud Appeals QA 2019 000296 and 2019 2700 in the High Court and Court of Appeal. The Party Leaders have an Open Invitation to make Consent Remedy order Agreements with Citizen Mr Awodiya.  

In 2015 Citizen Mr Taylor stood as an Independent Candidate for the Brighton Kemptown Seat. He had a Corruption Remedy Campaign. He wanted a Competent Investigation of the Katrina Taylor Murder.  It got Election Sabotage Fraud Proof against the Media and Sussex Police. In 2019 his Parliamentary Candidate Announcement got the Raid Response of Harassment Frauds by Sussex Police. He filed an Election Fairness Claim that got Issue Denial Fraud Proof against the High Court.

In April 2019 Misrepresentation Frauds deceived Citizen Mr Mustafa into believing he was the Labour Candidate for the Crewe Central Ward of Cheshire Council. He realised on Candidacy Closure Day that was not the case stood as an Independent Candidate. He used the Campaign Period for Election Research. It got Election Campaign Sabotage Fraud Proof for him the Crown and Parliament. The Bias Fraud Proof for Citizen Mr Mustafa against the Cheshire Authorities included a Racist Prosecution Fraud for a White Petrol Station Manager and against him and a Racist Complaint Denial Fraud for her against him. The Crown Court was faced with a Racist Trial Fraud and a Black Man who had a Race Prejudice Defence. The Case Management by Citizen Mr Mustafa got Crown Court Audio Records that are Trial Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the Crown Prosecutor and the Trial Judges. All MPs had Due Notice. The Cheshire MPs had Special Notice. When it became obvious there would be a General Election there was Internet Publicity for Defamation Frauds against Citizen Mr Mustafa and Harassment Frauds by Cheshire Police.          

The Business Recovery Claim QB 2019 003741 was issued for Damage Mitigation in a Corruption Claim against the Metropolitan Police and Justice Ministry. The Attorney General and Law Society have Defendant Status because Mitigation Management needs Immunity Powers and Law Practice Monopoly Enforcement Prohibition. The Corruption Claim has been prepared for filing on Tuesday 5th November 2019.

The Political Party Leaders and All Parliamentary Candidates have an Open Invitation to support the Damage Mitigation Remedy Applications to the High Court.

The Nuisance Fraud E08YJ260 and Fraud Appeals QA 2019 000205 and 000265 were prosecuted to get Forced Sale of 5 Windlesham Gardens, Brighton for a Property Development. The Forced Sale Criminal Conspiracy used Nuisance Complaint Denial Frauds and Early Morning Noisy Dust Bin Nuisance Harassment by Brighton and Hove City Council and Criminal Prosecution Frauds by Sussex Police. The Secret Service very helpfully created Integrity Test Conditions that got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Claim Lawyers, Trial Judges and Appeal Judges.  The Appeal Dismissal Fraud and Restraint Fraud needed Fraud Commitment Proof from the Corrupt Officers. The Commitment Proof it got included the use of Uniformed Officers of Sussex Police for Personal Service in the Late Night and Early Morning of Civil Claim Papers that bore the Royal Mail Post Mark. The Royal Mail Post Man noticed the Post Mark and volunteered the evidence that he had not delivered it.

The Political Party Leaders and All Parliamentary Candidates have an Open Invitation to support the Law Profession Unfitness Complaint and Practice Intervention Application of the Victim to the Law Society, Solicitors Regulatory Authority and Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.    

All of it is Relevant Evidence for Parliament Session Decisions made by the Crown and Lord Bishops

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis 
















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