Election Frauds

Prime Minister, Attorney General, Opposition Leader, Other Party Leaders + All MPs

The Election Fairness Claim + Housing Repair Denial Fraud Claim got Bias Frauds by High Court Judges against the Citizen. The Fraud Beneficiaries are the Political Party Leaders and All Other Defendants. The Bias Frauds got a Claim QB 2019 003126 Fraud Revocation Application to the High Court Senior Master and Fraud Appeal QA 2019 000296 to High Court Justices and Fraud Appeal 2019 2700 to the Court of Appeal. The choice for the Fraud Beneficiaries is Remedy Co-operation with Settlement Negotiations and Consent Remedy Orders or Remedy Denial Frauds. The Application and Appeal Papers are attached.

The Special Protection Rights from the Crown and Parliament include Legal Assistance Crime Prosecution Prohibitions and Civil Restraint Contempt Enforcement Prohibitions for the Equity Lawyer against the State and Law Courts. On 13th June 2019 the Contempt Claim Fraud QB18X00347 Trial got Special Protection Admission Proof against the Attorney General and Law Courts. It was presentation of the Contempt Orders against the Equity Lawyer and failure to make an Application or use Court Motion Powers for Breach Enforcement.    The Bias Fraud dated 14th October 2014 of the High Court Justice has added to the Admission Proof because:

  1. It does not take Enforcement Action.
  2. It purports to create a Restraint Disclosure Obligation on the Equity Lawyer and a Restraint Breach Contempt Liability for Citizens who service the Corruption Remedy Process. The Combination of the Special Protection Admission and the Contempt Penalty Threats are Intimidation Fraud Proof + Aggravated Contempt Fraud Proof for the Citizen, Equity Lawyer, Crown and Parliament against the High Court Justice.
  3. It is an Influence Fraud against Court Officers. It reads ‘The Court Staff shall be under no obligation to issue any claim or application notice or to grant a fee remission certificate in any matter in which Mr Ellis is purporting to act as litigation friend for any claimant acting in person unless Mr Ellis first provides them with a copy of an order of a Judge of the High Court granting him permission pursuant to the terms of the Civil Restraint Order of Mrs Justice May DBE dated 22nd February 2018 in Claim No QB16X00733’.

On 23rd October 2019 Citizen Mr Awodiya filed 3 Fee Remission Applications. He was given Certificate PA19-132592 for the Fraud Revocation £255 Application Fee and Certificate PA19-132588 for the Fraud Appeal £240 High Court Fee. The Fee Officer asked for Income Proof before issue of the Certificate for the Court of Appeal Fee.    

On 23rd October 2019 the Equity Lawyer used the Election Fairness Particulars + Revocation Application Grounds + Appeal Grounds for an Influence Fraud Test. He showed the Order dated 14th October 2019 to the Counter Officer in the High Court Listing Office and asked to file one of each document in the Nuisance Fraud Appeal QA2019 000265 for Citizen Mr Bradley.  The Court Officer took the papers into the Supervisor’s Office, reappeared and gave Stamp Filing Proof on the Case Papers and kept one of each for the Nuisance fraud Appeal File. The Equity Lawyer gave a Brief Case Status Explanation for the Election Fairness Claim.  The Counter Officer listened with Respectful Interest.

The High Court will have to decide whether filing the Claim Particulars + Fraud Revocations Application + Fraud Appeals was Court Contempt by Citizen + Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Mr Awodiya  

On 22nd October 2019 the Nuisance Fraud Appeal QA 2019 000265 got a Permission Refusal + Restraint Orders against Citizen Mr Bradley for Mr and Mrs Faull.

On 29th October 2019 the Restraint Breach Fraud Appeal 2018 00198 got Permission Refusal Fraud Proof against the Court of Appeal.  Citizen Mr Pead used it for the Election Fairness Claim. The Claim Form is attached.

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis 










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