Fraud Appeal 2020 0395, 0396, PI 10942, 11312, 012000266764, Criminal Witness Statement and Remedy Advice Email from Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis to Parliament

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

The Remedy Process has Criminal Conspiracy Proof needed to silence Corrupt Parliamentarians. The management of Remedy Publicity needs somewhere to start and somewhere to end. The Drug Production by Sussex Police Officers and everything that followed can serve that purpose. It needs to be brief.

In September 1973 Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis started a Law Practice Training. He gives evidence that the Dominant Influence in the Legal System was Corruption Controls by Profession Authorities and the Law Courts. His generation witnesses Creeping Corruption and then a Corruption Explosion. Enough of them managed Corruption Remedies.

On the evidence available Industrial Scale Corruption started with Drug Trafficking by Top Police, Top Customs and Top Judges. They needed a Reliable Supply of Chemically Traceable Drugs for Career Sabotage Frauds against Honest Officers. It needed Sussex Water for Good Quality Supplies and Market Share Retention. Top Judges needed Business Manager Appointment Powers as a Profit Share Guarantee. Top Police demanded protection fraud Proo0f. on 8th June 2001, they were given the Bankruptcy 1991 191 Judgment Fraud that recited Fact Admissions and Intent Admissions that were Bankruptcy Fraud Proof for the Victim against the Petitioner and Trustee and a Remedy Restraint Protection Fraud for the Guilty Parties against the Victim. Top Police accepted it as Protection Fraud Proof. The Bankrupt Estate included Farm Buildings. Days later the Farm Buildings were used for Drug Production. The Business Manager and Corrupt Officers had Protection Frauds. They did not know how long they would last. They wanted Lifetime Protection Frauds. They used Firearms Theft by the Business Manager and Theft Concealment Frauds by Low-Rank Officers. It forced Protection Frauds by Top Officers and Top Officer Appointment Frauds by the Police Authority for Corrupt Officers as a Protection Fraud Guarantee. It needed Industrial Scale Business to finance Protection Frauds Bribes and Paedophile Exposure Blackmail Frauds as a Bribery Cost Control.

The Remedy Process motivated Corrupt Officers to demand Protection Frauds. The Drug Production Officers and Paedophile Protection Officers were given Harassment Prosecution Frauds against Citizens Mr Paterson and Mr Taylor. The Corrupt Officers relied on Protection Breach Contempt Frauds by Law Court Judges against Superior Jurisdictions. The Remedy Process broke the confidence of Law Court Judges to provide Protection Breach Contempt Frauds. On 21st July 2020 the Contempt Fraud Claim 2019 004208 got Trial Audio Records of Lord Justice Mr Singh starting Trial Frauds, losing confidence and then using the 1st Trial Fraud Appeal Protection Rights from the Court of Appeal for a Trial Adjournment and Trial Direction Frauds. It got the 2nd Trial Fraud Appeal and Pending Issue Case Reference 2020 11312 and Issue Denial Fraud Proof against the Court of Appeal. Others got Issue Denial Fraud Proof against the Court of Appeal. The Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Investigation got a Communications Record from 27th July 2020 raises Reasonable Suspicions that Sussex Police Officers were in Total Denial at 17.30 on 7th September 2020 when they used a Paedophile Protection Fraud Officer to send the Legal Service Enquiry Email in the Harassment Prosecution Fraud against Citizen Mr Taylor.

Citizen Mr Nkrumah will please use the Sentence Breach Framing Fraud 012000266764 Hearing on 10th September 2020 for a Protection Fraud Test of the Magistrates Court.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis



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