Supreme Court 2020 0055, Fraud Appeals 2020 0395, 0396, 0742, 1520 and PI 10942; Framing Frauds, Divorce ZC14D02308 and Housing Frauds

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

Technology Failure makes the Equity Lawyer dependent on State Libraries for Internet Access. It forced Priority Decisions for Next Step Action against Evidence Checks and Date Checks because Library Session Time Limits are not long enough. It needs an Express Reservation of Error Correction Rights Reservation.

The Contempt Claim Frauds 2019 004208, 2020 000286 and Corruption Claim 2020 000968 got Fraud Appeals 2020 0395, 0396, 0742, 1520 and PI 10942 between them got Criminal Conspiracy Proof for Citizens, Parliament and the Crown against Lord Justices of the Court of Appeal. It includes:

  1. The Contempt Claim Fraud 2019 004208 got the 1st Fraud Appeal 2020 0396 and Justice Priority Denial Frauds, Regulation Enforcement Frauds, Conflict Disqualification Fraud Proof Exclusion Frauds and Case Dismissal Frauds for the State against the Citizen. Then, Claim Trial Frauds on 21st July 2020 got Pending Appeal Adjudication Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Proof against the Trial Judges one of whom was Lord Justice Singh.  He lost his confidence and then used the Appeal Protection Rights for an Adjournment Order and Trial Direction Frauds. The Citizen filed the 2nd Fraud Appeal and got Pending Issue Number 11312. The 1st Fraud Appeal 2020 0395 got a Dismissal Fraud Revocation for the Citizen against the State and Regulation Compliant Bundle Filing Priority Fraud for the State against the Citizen. Then the 2nd Fraud Appeal got issue with Case Reference 2020 1520. The Justice Priority needs use of the 1st and 2nd Fraud Appeals for a Court Motions for Case Consolidation, Conflict Disqualification, Remedy Only Jurisdiction Limit, Appeal Regulation Enforcement Stay, Qualified Lawyers Agent Representation Monopoly Enforcement Stay, Equity Lawyer Agent Representation Rights, Contempt Investigation Order, Investigator Appointment Reference to Parliament, Settlement Negotiation Meeting and Contempt Remedy 1 Hour Hearing in Royal Court 3 at 2 p.m. on September 2020 for the Citizen against the State and Law Courts
  2. The Corruption Claim 000968 got Protection Denial Fraud Appeal 2020 0742. It got Appeal Paper Bundle Filing Denial Fraud, Electronic Bundle Filing Denial Fraud, Bundle Filing Failure Case Dismissal Fraud and Decision Proof Service. It got a Dismissal Fraud Appeal and Repeat Filing that got a Dismissal Fraud Revocation for Citizen Mr Sood against the State.  It needs Court Motions for Conflict Disqualification, Remedy Only Jurisdiction Limit, Pending Appeal Adjudication Witness Protection Orders, Contempt Remedy Hearing and, Joint Management with Fraud Appeals 2020 0395 and 1520.
  3. The Contempt Claim Fraud 23020 000286 got the 1st Fraud Appeal 2020 0396 got use of Regulation Enforcement Frauds for Conflict Qualification Proof Exclusion Frauds. A Bundle Filing Time Limit Application made without Prejudice to Invalidity Arguments got a Time Extension Case Reference to an Appeal Lord Justice with either a Reference Delay or Reference Notice Delay. The 2nd Fraud Appeal got Pending Issue Number 10942 and Issue Denial Fraud Proof against the Court of Appeal. It needs a 2nd Fraud Appeal Issue, Court Motions for Conflict Disqualification, Remedy Only Jurisdiction Limit, Contempt Remedy Hearing and, Joint Management with Fraud Appeals 2020 0395, 0742 and 1520.

Divorce ZC14D02308 Kidnap Investigation Proposals for Honourable Parliamentarians:

  1. Discover whether the ZC14D02308 Contempt Fraud Remedy Application got Conflict Qualification Fraud Conspiracy Proof for Citizen Mrs Theodorou against Organised Criminal Mr Theodorou, His Representatives, District Judge Stone, Appeal Judge Ms Karp, the Family Court, Lord Justices and the Court of Appeal.
  2. Discover whether the ZC14D02308 Contempt Fraud Remedy Application Orders, Hearing Management Representations 2 Day Time Limit, Skype Hearing Order dated 25th August 2020 and 20 Day Decision Proof Service Delay is Conflict Qualification Fraud Proof and Hearing Management Adjudication Pretence Fraud Proof or Skype Hearing Backdated Order Fraud Proof for Citizen Mrs Theodorou against Organised Criminal Mr Theodorou, His Representatives and Law Court Judges.
  3. Discover whether there is any connection between the ZC14D02308 Order Frauds dated 25th August 2020 and the Kidnap Efforts against the 4th, 5th and 6th Theodorou Children by Organised Criminal Mr Theodorou, His Representatives and Law Court Judges
  4. Discover whether the Hertfordshire State School Staff stopped a Kidnap Effort against the 4th Theodorou Child when they received a Child Collection Message purportedly for the Paternal Aunt and a Collection Vehicle disappeared when School Staff made Verification Enquiries
  5. Discover whether Official Records are Custody Extension Fraud Kidnap Proof, Repatriation Sabotage Fraud Proof and Heart Defect Health Service Denial Fraud Proof for the 5th and 6th Theodorou Children against Organised Criminal Mr Theodorou, His Representatives, District Judge Stone, Appeal Judge Ms Karp, the Family Court, Lord Justices, the Court of Appeal and the Cyprus Authorities and that the Damage Witnesses include Blood Relatives who are Cyprus Residents
  6. Discover whether the Kidnap Motive for Organised Criminal Mr Theodorou, His Representatives and British Judges was to prevent Housing Needs for the 4th, 5th and 6th Children being Relevant Evidence in the ZC14D02308 Contempt Fraud Revocation Application of Citizen Mrs Theodorou.
  7. Discover whether Child Protection Jurisdiction Denial Frauds by British State Officers aided and abetted the Custody Extension Kidnap Fraud by the Cyprus State Officers.   
  8. Discover whether the Kidnap Motive for Cyprus State Officers and British State Officers was Budget Fraud Profits and Remedy Sabotage Frauds.

Credibility Critical Mass Finding for Citizen Mrs Theodorou and a Polite Request for a ZC14D02308 Contempt Remedy Denial Fraud Appeal by her using the Contempt Remedy Denial Fraud Proof, Kidnap Conspiracy Evidence and Pending Appeal Adjudication Protection Rights got by Fraud Appeals of Citizens in the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

The Best Advice for Privy Counsellors and Honourable Parliamentarians is to conduct a Parliament Session Evidence Audit for the Crown and Lord Bishops for the Stated Reasons that:

  1. The Remedy Process needs the Crown to get Parliament Session Evidence from the Prime Minister with Evidence Verification Arrangements. Between December 2011 and November 2019 the Verification Arrangements included Receipt Stamp Filing Proof by Sussex Crown Prosecutors on Document Sets for the Citizen and the Parliament Session File kept by the Director of Public Prosecutions. The Crown Prosecution Service moved into Brighton Police Station. Thereafter a Filing and Receipt Stamp Denial Conspiracy by Sussex Police and Crown Prosecutors denied the Verification Services.  In December 20019 the Parliament Session Agreement contained Corruption Remedy Conditions. They required that a Royal Commission get Corruption Remedies before the Session End. It created a Verification Arrangements Obligation for the Citizen and Crown against Parliament and Management Obligation against the Speaker.  The Equity Lawyer used the 2020 House of Commons Email Address List provided by the Speaker for Reliability Tests. The Email Address List contained False Email Addresses. Some of the Use Tests failed to get Bounce Messages from False Addresses and then Other Use Tests did get Bounce Messages. It got an Unreliable Verification Agent Finding by the Equity Lawyer for the People against the Speaker.
  2. The Dictator Plan used International Agreements for Accountability Power Transfer Frauds for the State against the Citizen. International Agreements defined the European Constitution. It vested Dictator Powers in the State. European Leaders wanted Referenda Acceptance of the Dictator Powers. They needed Election Frauds to get it. The Lawful Business of British Citizens made inevitable the exposure of Advanced Electronic Signature Dictator Powers and the Dictator Power Concealment Frauds that were Election Frauds. European Leaders wanted Business Sabotage to prevent exposure of the Election Frauds. They made an International Agreement for Extradition Frauds against a British Citizen and Imprisonment Frauds against him and a Dutch Citizen. The Extradition Fraud Agreement required Innocence Evidence Concealment Frauds by the British Authorities before completion of the Imprisonment Frauds by the Dutch Authorities.  Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis got Fraud Proof and used it for a Corruption Notice to the Crown and Parliament. It revived the Equity Monarchy Trusts and started a Corruption Remedy Process that has continued ever since.
  3. In 2005 Top British Politicians made Corruption Concealment Fraud Agreements that were General Election Frauds. 
  4. Prime Minister Mrs May and MPs traded Corruption Protection Frauds for Brexit Deal Support. It got Crime Proceeds Status for the Brexit Deal.  
  5. Prime Minister Mr Johnson made Corruption Protection Fraud Deals to win the Leadership Contest. He made the Brexit Deal. It has Crime Proceeds Status.
  6. In October 2019 the Crown and Lord Bishops used the Protection Fraud Proof to impose Corruption Remedy Conditions in the Parliament Session Agreement. They required a Forced General Election before the year-end. Integrity Tests got Election Fraud Proof against All Party Leaders.   
  7. The Protection Fraud Deals and Election Frauds create a Dishonourable Intent Presumption for the Citizen and People against the Prime Minister. It is subject to Rebuttal Proof. 
  8. The Brexit Deal Rule Change Proposals by the Prime Minister for Rights Definition and Rights Enforcement got Rule Change Criticisms by Corrupt Parliamentarians who had made the Extradition Fraud Agreements and the 2005 Election Fraud Agreements.  
  9. The Rule Change Proposals might evidence that Prime Minister Mr Johnson and Cabinet have Honourable Intent to make a Justice Management Precedent for the Citizen and People using Enforcement Restraints against International Agreements.
  10. The Evidence Audit is a Reputation Risk Control for Parliament against both Dishonourable Intent and Honourable Intent with Execution Misfortunes.  
  11. Reserved Rights for the Equity Lawyer to make Remedy Management Arguments

The Best Advice for Privy Counsellors and Honourable Parliamentarians is to advise the Prime Minister that:

  1. Advanced Electronic Signatures enable Sophisticated Services at Value Prices and New Mass Markets
  2. New Mass Markets need Identity Proof managed by Citizens using Advanced Electronic Signatures
  3. In 1998 British Citizens achieved the World Lead in Advanced Electronic Signatures
  4. The Dictator Plan suppressed the Advanced Electronic Signatures and the New Mass Markets
  5. Economic Recovery needs New Mass Markets
  6. British Citizens need Interim Remedies to make the best of the World Lead
  7. Reserved Rights for the Equity Lawyer to use Mass Market Profits for Equity Trusts that ensure a Continuing Supply of Equity Philosophy Preachers to service the Equity Monarchy Trusts.

The Best Advice for Privy Councillors and Honourable Parliamentarians is to inform Religion Leaders of the Equity Trusts to provide Equity Philosophy Preachers and service the Equity Monarchy Trusts

The Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Investigation got:

  1. Criminal Conspiracy Proof, Prosecution Fraud Proof and Conviction Fraud Proof for Citizen Mr Taylor against Sussex Police, Ministry of Justice and the Law Courts
  2. Criminal Conspiracy Proof, Prosecution Fraud Proof, State Case Withdrawal, Withdrawal Reasons Fraud Proof and Case Papers Theft Proof for Citizen Mr Nkrumah against the London and Quadrant Housing Association. Metropolitan Police, Ministry of Justice and Law Courts 
  3. Corruption Co-ordination Proof against Lord Justices

Citizen Mr Nkrumah will please:

  1. Get an Email Address that identifies him as Mr Akwesi Nkrumah  to provide Identity Transparency for the Crown and Lord Bishops when considering Email Evidence for Parliament Session Decisions
  2. Check the Contempt Remedy Application Denial Fraud Appeal Grounds and
  3. Check the Theft Additional Evidence Notice and
  4. Use them for a Fraud Appeal and Theft Case Closure Revocation

The Corruption Remedy Proof Standard requires Credibility Irrelevance Proof for the Citizen and Guilt Proof against Corrupt Officers. The Credibility Irrelevance Proof needs Remedy Co-operation from the Citizen until it achieves Credibility Critical Mass that enables Remedy Co-operation by the Victim when able to do so or by Anyone Else. Remedy Co-operation Failures need Failure Cause Findings for Failure Consequence Decisions. The Cause Findings need to distinguish between Ignorance, Incapacity, Negligence, Recklessness and Malice

The 2017 – 2018 Corruption Cases achieved Credibility Critical Mass for Citizen Mr Taylor. The failure to use the 2020 Harassment Framing Fraud Trial for the Remedy Process was a Remedy Co-operation Failure.  The Credibility Critical Mass enabled Remedy Co-operation by the Equity Lawyer. He conducted the Protection Breach Contempt Fraud.

Polite Request for a Framing Fraud Conviction Appeal by Citizen Mr Taylor before the Sentence Hearing and then a Sentence Fraud Appeal with a Remedy Priority Forfeit Waiver in the event of a Co-operation Failure because his Remedy Efforts have already achieved Credibility Critical Mass.

Many Victims are Responsibility Refusers.  The Honourable Parliamentarians, Lord Bishops and Crown need a Demonstration Case. The Remedy Co-operation by Victim Mr Carter did not last long enough to get Credibility Critical Mass. The Assault Plea Hearing was used for a 1st Case Management Agreement that got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Metropolitan Police, Ministry of Justice and Magistrates Court. The2ndCase Management Agreement required Victim Mr Carter to file a Before Trial Fraud Appeal in the Crown Court. He is Intelligent and Articulate and Responsibility Refuser.  He had the Appeal Grounds. He went to a Known Remedy Saboteur for Remedy Co-operation Refusal Advice and Refusal Non-Disclosure Advice. Co-operation Tests discovered Co-operation Failures.  The Remedy Process cannot ignore the Criminal Conspiracy Proof for Victim Mr Carter or the Co-operation Refusal Non-Disclosures that are Incredibility Proof against him. It gets a Corruption Finding + Remedy Entitlement Finding for him and Remedy Priorities for the People against Corrupt Officers and a Personal Remedy Priority Disqualification against Mr Carter. He will have to wait. So will the other Responsibility Refusers.

The Crown and Lord Bishops need to discover whether Remedy Co-operation by Mr Can Say achieved Credibility Critical Mass and, if so, whether it has Benefit Limits for him. Land Frauds got the Old Proof Set for Mr Can Say against Corby Development Corporation, the State and Law Courts. In 2019 he discovered the Equity Monarchy Trusts and the Remedy Process. He was given a Residential Tenancy of part of 83 Priory Gardens, Highgate. Remedy Co-operation by him included Citizen Recruiting and use of his cases to get the New Fraud Proof. It enabled use of the Old Fraud Proof as an Evidence Lure to discover who committed Evidence Theft. In 2019 and early 2020 the Housing Benefit Claim by Mr Can Say got Case Process Denial Fraud Proof against Haringey Council. On the evidence available the 2020 Housing Frauds by Haringey Council against Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis prompted the 2020 Housing Benefit Payments for Mr Can Say that ensured he remained at 83 Priory Gardens while the Evidence Thefts were committed. The Landlord says she received the 1st Housing Benefit Payment but not Repeat Payments. Mr Can Say has Chronic Health Problems. On Good Days he copes very well. Bad Days might explain Co-operation Failures that denied a Top Quality Investigation of the Evidence Thefts. His Citizen Recruits got Criminal Conspiracy Proof needed to silence Corrupt Parliamentarians until Unfitness Cases got Dismissal Decisions against Top Judges.  A Proportionate Decision is Remedy Priority on Full Disclosure Conditions.

The Housing Transfer Application by Chelmsford City Council and Housing Benefit Claim by the Equity Lawyer got Case Process Denial Fraud Proof for them against the London Borough of Haringey Council. The Landlord granted a Residential Tenancy conditional upon Housing Benefit Payments. Haringey Council committed Case Reference Denial Frauds + Case Denial Frauds or Case Reference Concealment Frauds + Case Closure Frauds. Corrupt Health Officers forced Fraud Proof Disclosures by Haringey Council. Corrupt Top Doctors used the End Stage Kidney Failure and Emergency Hospital Admission for Dialysis Treatment for a Urea Retention Poison Fraud against Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis. It failed. The Drug Nurse gave them away inadvertently. Poison Drug Enquiries got Explanation Refusal Fraud Proof against Dialysis Doctors. They wanted a Patient Transfer to Any Other Hospital. The Transfer Process had Total Dependency on Housing Arrangements. Health Officers made Housing Demands. Haringey Council needed a Case Closure Fraud. They used Occupation Enquiries for Council Tax Liability Blackmail to get a Tenancy Termination by the Landlord. She ignored the Occupation Enquiries. They used the Housing Transfer Claim for Local Connection Enquiries that got an Immediate Co-operation by the Landlord. She got Witness Statements. The Equity Lawyer gave Case Management Advice that the Landlord demands the Housing Case References before providing the Witness Statements and a Fraud Co-operation Warning.

Polite Request for use of the Harassment Restraint Protection Denial Fraud Appeal by Citizen Mr Cant for Integrity Tests of the Supreme Court with a Remedy Priority Forfeit Waiver in the event of a Co-operation Failure because his Remedy Efforts have already achieved Credibility Critical Mass.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis



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