Royal Commission, 2020 000286, 2020 0396, 2069, PI 10063 and Lease Claim F02ED793 Evidence Request Immunity Negotiation Offer

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Lawyers, Law Court Judges and Organised Criminals

Contempt and Terrorism Penalty Warning in the event of a Response Failure to the attached 2020 000286 Immunity Negotiation Offer dated 11th January 2021 is from the Equity Lawyer to the Owners and Directors of Eatsnow Estates Limited. At 18.20 on 12th January 2021, Citizens Mr Hastunc and Mr Can Say effected Personal Service of it by delivery to Mr Deiz Beyzhet at Gokyuzu Restaurant, The Fairways, Southend Road, Chingford, London, E4 8TA because the Landlord owned it and had Office Space. Later it got a Service Delivery from Gokyuzu Restaurant who denied having any Service Receipt Obligation to the Landlord.

On 18th January 2021 there was Repeat Telephone Contact from the Landlord that make Repeat Possession Demand Frauds rely on Possession Order Service Denial Frauds by the County Court. The Landlord did not admit knowledge of the Immunity Negotiation Offer. The Citizen Tenant referred the Landlord to the Landlord’s Lawyers.

All of it is Relevant Evidence and New Corruption Evidence for the New Evidence Case Reopening Applications of the Equity Lawyer in the High Court and Court of Appeal.

The Protection Fraud Market starts with the Absolute Advantage of Business Refusal Powers for Suppliers against Customers. Sometimes, Repeat Business creates enough Transaction Proof that get a Business Refusal Power Loss for the Customer against the Provider. Sometimes, Protection Fraud Providers procure Violent Crime Services or Money Laundering Services from Customers that creates enough Transaction Proof to get a Business Refusal Power Loss.

The Remedy Process forced Organised Criminals and State Officers to demand Protection Frauds that cannot get Protection Refusals by Top Judges. The Worst Risk in the Protection Fraud Market is the Immunity Risk. Immunity Deal Risk was the Worst Risk for them. It is Immunity Deals for Organised Criminals and State Officers in exchange for Remedy Co-operation and Full Disclosure that gets Corruption Proof against Top Judges. The Protection Fraud Market deals with it by requiring Fraud Commitment Proof from Fraud Beneficiaries before the Protection Fraud Supply. Sometimes the Protection Fraud deal requires Protection Fraud Proof from a Lower Court to give confidence to provide the Fraud Commitment Proof needed to get the Protection Fraud Supply from the Higher Court.

Repeat Protection Fraud Business or Crime Services, or both, got Business Refusal Power Loss for the Owners and Directors of Eatsnow Estates Limited against Top Judges.

The Lease Claim Fraud F02ED793 got Criminal Conspiracy Proof for Citizen Mr Hastunc, Parliament and the Crown against the Owners and Directors of Eatsnow Estates Limited as Organised Criminals, Black Graff LLP as Legal Representatives and Law Court Judges. It includes Defence and Counterclaim Filing Denial Frauds, Costs, Trial Directions Appeal Filing Denial Frauds, Possession Denial Appeal Hearing Notice Denial Frauds, Possession Denial Appeal Hearing Denial Fraud and Possession Denial Appeal Hearing Result Service Denial Fraud that is an Appeal Sabotage Fraud. A Possession Fraud Enforcement Bluff by the Landlord failed to get a Possession Surrender from Citizen tenant Mr Hastunc.

On Thursday 7th January 2021 a Telephone Call from Black Graff LLP that gave Oral Notice of the Alleged Possession Order and a Vacant Possession Demand.

On Monday 11th January 2021 a Telephone Call and then at 13.14 a Text Message from 07983537172 for Eatsnow Estates Limited Director Mr Brendon to Citizen Mr Hastunc reads, “Eddie good to talk today The court ordered you move out within 14 days Pay outstanding rent £ 85720 costs of £10048.80 and £107.30 a day if not vacated. When you move out give the keys to John in The Container storage Give me a call and we can discuss settlement”.

On Monday 19th January 2021 the Citizen Tenant had the Repeat Telephone Contact from the Landlord.

It is Corruption Damage Proof for Lease Claim F02ED793 Defence Case of Citizen Mr Hastunc. It is New Fraud Proof for the Contempt Claim Fraud 2020 000286 Liability Finding Revocation, Retrial, Case Dismissal and Contempt Fraud Liability Application and the 5 Fraud Appeals of Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis.

The Equity Lawyer will apply for an F02ED793 Court File Production Order against the Ministry of Justice.

The Contempt Claim Fraud 2020 000286 got 4 Preliminary Issue Fraud Appeals and a Liability Trial Fraud Appeal. On Monday 11th January 2021 the 1st Fraud Appeal Dismissal Fraud by Court Officers was used to get Fraud Responsibility Proof against Appeal Lord Justice Coulson.

The Equity Lawyer will use New Corruption Proof, including the Fraud Proof against Lord Justice Coulson, as New Corruption Proof for a 2020 000286 Contempt Liability Finding Revocation, Case Dismissal, Contempt Fraud Liability Order and Contempt Fraud Remedy Application against the Solicitor General.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis


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