Royal Commission, 2020000286, 2020 0396, 2069, PI 10063, Other Fraud Appeals and Lease Claim G00CR488

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

The Contempt Complaint against the House of Commons Speaker needs a Case Reference to All MPs.

Contempt Complaint Additional Evidence Notice.

  1. The MP Address List that the Speaker published after the 2019 General Election got 122 Bounce Messages from ceased to sit before the General Election. The Speaker ignored the MP Address List Requests by the Equity Lawyer.
  2. The Royal Commission Emails to House of Commons Speaker Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle <> got No Acknowledgements and then an Acknowledgement, Remedy Jurisdiction Denial and Speakers Office Email Address ‘’ Notice and then No Responses until 2021
  3. The Royal Commission Emails to House of Commons Speaker Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle < > get No Response.
  4. The Contempt Complaint against the Speaker is a Test Complaint that will get Relevant Evidence for the Parliament Session Remedy Condition Performance Trial Orders of the Crown and Trial Adjudication and Appeal Adjudication of the Lord Bishops
  5. The Royal Commission Emails are Parliament Session Agreement Corruption Remedy Condition Notices and Remedy Condition Performance Notices from the Equity Lawyer for the People to Parliament
  6. The Contempt Claim 2020 000286 and 5 Fraud Appeals got Remedy Denial Fraud Conspiracy Proof for the Equity Lawyer, Citizen Parliament and Crown against the State and Law Courts
  7. The attached Royal Commission, 2020 000286, Fraud Appeals 2021 PI 10063 Conflict Disqualification Recusal and Contempt Remedy Application dated 27th January 2021 of Equity Lawyer v Solicitor General services:
    1. the Contempt Trial in the High Court,
    2. the Fraud Appeal in the Court of Appeal
    3. the Contempt Fraud Unfitness Cases against Top Judges in Parliament
    4. the Fraud Case Stay and Contempt Fraud Remedy Applications by Citizen Victims against Organised Criminals and the State
  8. The Fraud Appeal 2021 PI 10063 Issue Denial Fraud, 2 Other Fraud Appeal Issue Denial Frauds and 2020 000286 Penalty Hearing Listing Failure raise Reasonable Suspicions that the Protection Fraud Deals between Corrupt Officers and the Top Judges needed Alternative Fraud Commitment Proof
  9. The Contempt Claim Fraud 2019 004208 Liability Trial Listing Order for 10th February 2021 raises Reasonable Suspicions it is the Alternative Fraud Commitment Proof. It got a Conflict Disqualification, Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Remedy Application Decision and Evidence Request by Citizen Ms Berry. It got Request Response from the Equity Lawyer of an All Relevant Evidence Offer with the Conflict Disqualification Recusal and Contempt Remedy Application dated 27th January 2021 as the Context Explanation and Case Explanation.

MP Address List REPEAT Request from the Equity Lawyer to the Speaker.

Justice Process Contempt Fraud Notice for the People against Journalist Mr Marr and the BBC

The Misrepresentation Fraud + Non-Disclosure Fraud + Parliament Contempt Fraud Complaints by Former Leader Mr Salmond got a Contempt Case Hearing by the Scottish Parliament. The Contempt Trial has Jurisdiction Superiority against the Publicity Jurisdiction of the Media. The Contempt Trial got Pending Adjudication Adverse Publicity Stay Protection Rights for Scottish Leader Ms Sturgeon against the Media. On Sunday 24th January 2021 the Television Broadcast of the Interview Exchanges between of Leader Ms Sturgeon and Journalist Mr Marr are Compelling Evidence that:

  1. Journalist Mr Marr, the Defamation Lawyers and the BBC ignored the Pending Adjudication Adverse Publicity Stay Protection Rights and committed Protection Breach Contempt Frauds against Scottish Leader Ms Sturgeon and the Scottish Parliament
  2. Scottish Leader Ms Sturgeon
    1. failed to manage a Dignity Defence for the Scottish Parliament, Damage Mitigation for herself by a Pending Adjudication Adverse Publicity Stay Protection Rights Notice, Contempt Fraud Complaint and Immediate Apology Demand
    2. confused the issue with Waffly Responses      
  3. Journalist Mr Marr failed to bring to the attention of the audience that:
    1. The Scottish Devolution Arrangements denied Parliament Session Powers needed for 1st Class Citizen Status, which the Scottish Citizen still has but only when dealing with the British Parliament  
    2. The late Scottish Lawyer Mr Jim Fiel spent decades collating Corruption Cases against the Scottish State and the Scottish Law Courts. Bad Cases got Emigration Advice from him to Victims. He needed a Lead Case, Victim Consent and Special Events to make the 1st Class Citizenship Case for Scottish Citizens. In 2014 the Scottish Referenda was the Special Event. A Sex Crime Framing Fraud that used DNA Elimination Proof Concealment Frauds was the Lead Case. Victim Consent was conditional upon Residency Rights for the Victim in a Middle Eastern State. Lawyer Mr Friel died in July 2014. The Residency Rights were got in August 2014. The Independence Referenda were in September 2014. After the death of Lawyer Mr Friel no one had the expertise and commitment to use the Victim Consent to make the 1st Class Citizenship Case for Scottish Citizens.
    3. 1st Class Citizenship deserves Issue Priority against a 2nd Independence Referenda   

Royal Commission Consequential Damage Test Case for Penge Restaurant Lease Possession Claim G00CR488.  Illiterate Immigrants were Easy Targets for Asset Theft Frauds. It made the Illiterate Immigrant Cases particularly useful getting the Asset Theft Fraud Conspiracy Proof, Protection Fraud Conspiracy Proof for the Royal Commission. Land Frauds and Legal Representation Frauds against Citizen Mr Serbert did Consequential Damage that forced Penge Restaurant Manager Appointments by him that resulted in Total Frauds by the Restaurant Managers against him. The result is Fraud Claims against Organised Criminals, Lawyers, the Law Society and Ministry of Justice.  The Consequential Damages include the Penge Restaurant Damages. 

The Lease Claim G00CR488 Hearing on 12th February 2021 will get an Audio Record how the Hearing Judge in Croydon County Court deals with the Corruption Case Incapacity and Limited English Language Incapacity. It will be Relevant Evidence in the Contempt Claim 2020 000286, Fraud Appeals 2020 0396, 2069, PI 10063 and Other Fraud Appeals.    

Note: The Royal Commission Email Address List gets Bounce Messages from some of the Law Firms that serviced Court Frauds against Citizens. They remain on the Address List so that they have Contempt Case Progress Notices that they can give Case Management Advice to their Clients. In some cases Blocked Messages are Notice Rejection Fraud Proof for Clients, Profession Authorities and Law Courts against the Law Firms. A Royal Commission Email was a Publicity Notice for the Immunity Negotiation Offer to the Land Fraud F02ED793 Landlords. Immunity Negotiation Offers in Other Cases did not get Publicity Notices   

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis





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