Royal Commission Case, Protection Denial Fraud Appeal, and Contempt and Restraint Fraud Appeal Notice

The Protection Denial Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 Case Management Email at 16.50 on 3rd February 2020 from Court of Appeal Case Officer Manpreet Singh asked for clarification of the Case Stay Application and for a response to the Case Dismissal Representations of the Respondent Lawyers and clarification of the involvement of Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis who is the subject of a Legal Assistance Restraint Order

The three issues raised in the Case Management Email are connected. This Case Enquiry Response is given for the Court Record. No one believes the Court of Appeal Officers and Judges do not know the Royal Commission will get Mass Remedies for Victims before the Session End or a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof. No One believes they do not know about the Integrity Test Cases that will get Mass Remedies or Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against Royal Commissioners that will validate the Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election. 

The Citizen, Crown and Lord Bishops have Justice Responsibilities known as the Equity Monarchy Trusts. They have Corruption Control Jurisdictions that govern Parliament Session Powers. They managed a Corruption Remedy Process. It used Corruption Investigations and Remedy Investigations. Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis has Special Protection Rights from the Crown and Parliament with Protection Enforcement by the Cabinet and Prime Minister and Protection Enforcement Accountability by the Opposition Leader. The Special Protection Rights include a Legal Assistance Crime Prosecution Prohibition and a Contempt Enforcement Prohibition that enables the Equity Lawyer to provide Investigation Services. It causes Corrupt Officers to make Protection Fraud Demands. The only way to service them is by use of Contempt Frauds with Top Judges signing for All Major Decisions. It enabled the Equity Lawyer to get Criminal Conspiracy Proof Sets that the Crown and Lord Bishops used to make the Corruption Remedy Conditions that required the Royal Commission. It enabled him to manage the Integrity Test Cases that will get Corruption Remedies for the Victims or Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Law Courts and Royal Commissioners.

The Unfitness Cases caused Top Judges to make Protection Fraud Demands. They were given a Medical Murder Order by Prime Minster Mrs May against the Equity Lawyer. It needed Blood test Result Forgeries + Kidney Failure Diagnosis Fraud + Transplant Prescription Fraud + Pending Transplant Dialysis Prescription Fraud + Dialysis Preparation Fistula Operation Fraud + Dialysis Treatment Consent + Lethal Injection + Murder Concealment Frauds. The Medical Murder Order got a Commitment Split. The Killer Doctors were Murder Enthusiasts. The Politically Correct Doctors noticed the Inconsistent Evidence and asked what for the Official Diagnosis. The Decent Doctors waited until they were alone with the Equity Lawyer and told him about the Evidence Inconsistency between the Missing Symptoms and the Blood Test Results. The Equity gave the Fistula Operation Consent. On 26th March 2019 Sussex County Hospital telephoned with an Immediate Dialysis Treatment Call. It got a Treatment Refusal by the Equity Lawyer. The Unfitness Dismissal Case against Prime Minister Mrs May was too far for her to use a Mental Health Arrest Fraud to complete the Hospital Murder.  The Corrupt Officers needed Protection Fraud Reassurance.  Investigators and Prosecutors got it by use of Framing Frauds against Citizens. The Top Judges and Money Launderers used Intimidation Frauds against Citizens. They needed a Vulnerable Personality with Internet Skills who could be relied on to manage Internet Publicity for the Intimidation Frauds. They chose Citizen Mr Cant as the Intimidation Fraud Target and Organised Criminal Mr Seton as the Violent Intimidation Manager. He used Money Laundering Liability Misrepresentation Frauds as a Crime Complaint Deterrent. The Intimidation Frauds started with Vocal Harassment including Kill Threats and progressed to Grievous Bodily Harm and Hospital Treatment.  Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis was one of the Friends who visited Citizen Mr Cant in hospital. He told Citizen Mr Cant to ignore the Money Laundering Liability Misrepresentation Frauds and make a Criminal Complaint.

The Criminal Complaint got Investigation Denial Fraud Proof and Protection Denial Fraud Proof against the Metropolitan Police.

The Protection Claims got Protection Denial Fraud Proof against the High Court, then the County Court, then the High Court on appeal and then the Court of Appeal. The Protection Denial Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 prompted the Top Judges to procure a Criminal Investigation. It got the Damage Limitation Protection Fraud of an Assault Minimum Charge against organised Criminal Mr Seton.

On 19th December 2019 the Queen used the Parliament Session opening Speech to announce the Royal Commission. Crown Prosecutors made a Re-investigation Order. It got a Repeat Complainant Interview for Citizen Mr Cant but No Further Enquiries of an Event Witness. The Metropolitan Police could not be trusted with the Audio Records until there was evidence of a Case Reference to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner.   The Event Witness made an Additional Statement that proposed Full Immunity for everyone on Full Disclosure Terms and commented that Organised Criminal Mr Seton was the only one who needed it. The Crown Prosecutors dare not risk Full Disclosure by the Organised Criminal for an Immunity Deal. Within 24 hours it got a Case Withdrawal by the State the day before the Trial.

It completes the Protection Fraud Proof against the Organised Criminal, Metropolitan Police, Crown Prosecutors and Law Courts. The Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 will get Corruption Remedies for Citizen Mr Cant from the Court of Appeal or Royal Commission or Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against them.

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis

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