Royal Commission + Contempt Fraud Immunity Appeal Filing Notice to the Court of Appeal + Connected Case Notices to 2022 000007 + B01B0837 + E04YM867

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

Royal Commission emails are Notice Proof, Filing Proof and Service Proof for the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority against the Parties, State, Law Courts Cabinet and Parliament. This email will be sent to all the Royall Commission Email Addressee List and All MPs.

Polite Request that Citizen Mr Sood gets:

  1. Signed for Post Filing Proof against the Court of Appeal for the Contempt Immunity Fraud Appeal Appellant Notice + Grounds + Proposals + 2022 000007 Appealed Order + Leadership Advice from the Equity Lawyer + Sale Negligence Claim E04YM867 Issues Statement
  2. Signed For Post Filing Proof against for the Sale Negligence Claim E04YM867 Issues Statement dated 15th July 2022 of Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis  + Leadership Advice from the equity Lawyer 

The Contempt Immunity Fraud Appeal Bundle will be filed when the Court of Appeal issues a Case Reference

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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