Royal Commission, Fraud Appeals 2020 0395, 0396, 0742, PI 10942 and PI 11312 Without Prejudice Review Request

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, MPs, State Officers and Law Court Judges

Without Prejudice to Invalidity Arguments against the Fraud Appeal Dismissal Frauds

The Royal Commission Email on 11th August 2020 got a Harassment Prosecution Threat against the Equity Lawyer by the Landlord Lawyers, Black Graf LLP, and an enquiry from the Court of Appeal whether it was a Fraud Appeal 22020 0396 Dismissal Review Request.

Formal Offer to remove the Landlord’s Lawyer from the Royal Commission Email Address List subject to the condition they provide Email Addresses for the Landlord and Landlord Owners so that can receive the Legal Notices that the Landlord Lawyers object to receiving.

The Harassment Prosecution Threat is not surprising. The Landlord and Landlord Lawyers bought a Lease Forfeiture Fraud from Top Judge. The Remedy Process has broken the confidence of the Top Judges to deliver the Lease Forfeit Fraud. The Landlord Lawyers need a Protection Fraud. They want a Harassment Restraint Fraud. The Top Judges who dare not deliver the Forfeit Fraud are unlikely to give it. Honourable Parliamentarians need something done. Efficient Case Management needs Harassment Prosecution Prohibition Applications in the County Court and High Court. The Equity Lawyer has received notice that Citizen Mr Hastunc has signed them. Citizen Mr Hastunc is a Popular Man and a Talented Chef but is Almost Illiterate. The Equity Lawyer prefers to see what he has signed before they are filed in court. The delays getting signatures and filing documents in court are not a good reason for delay in giving notice to the Landlord Lawyer of the Harassment Prosecution Prohibition Application. A Harassment Complaint is subject to a Full Disclosure Obligation by the Complainant.

The Royal Commission Email dated 11th August 2020 was an Intent Notice for the Fraud Appeal 2020 0396 Dismissal Without Prejudice Review Request and Hearing Request. The Court of Appeal cannot use the Intent Notice as if it made Full Representations. The Request Time Limit Extension Application of Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis is attached.

Reserved Rights for Without Prejudice Requests for Citizen Ms Berry and Citizen Mr Sood.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis



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