Royal Commission: Fraud Appeals, Draft Orders for hearing on 23rd October 2020 and Family Cases

To: Citizens, House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Councillors, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

The Baby Murder Case

The Genome Project got High Market Values for Human Organs that were Genetic Defect Evidence. Corrupt Doctors used Diagnosis Frauds, Medical Murders and Human Organ Thefts for Personal Profits. The Baby Murder Case exposed it. Prime Minister Mr Blair traded Murder Protection Frauds in exchange for Campaign Finance for the 2001 General Election. Other Cases got Corruption Findings and Dismissal Decisions against him and a Forced Resignation from him. Guilty Parties demanded Protection Frauds. In the Baby Murder Case, they were given a Baby’s Body Destruction Order by Prime Minister Mr Blair. Incompetent Management by the Corrupt Officers or Valid Management by Honourable Officers enabled Baby’s Body Removal by Family Members from the UK to India and an Out of State Death Inquest Application to the Indian High Court. It got a Valid Application Finding, Body Preservation Order, Jurisdiction Deficit Finding and Jurisdiction Case Reference from the Indian High Court via the Supreme Court and Law Commission to the Indian Parliament. The Protection Fraud Networks needed Case Closure Frauds. They needed Body Destruction Consents by Family Members. They used Bribery and Blackmail to get it.

  1. The Bribery and Blackmail created Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Protection Fraud Networks
  2. There are Reasonable Suspicions the Remedy Process will get Remedy Cooperation from the Father
  3. There are Reasonable Suspicions that Internet Publicity for the Evidence Destruction Initiatives will recover Remedy Cooperation from the Maternal Aunt
  4. Draft Orders in the Contempt Claim Fraud and Fraud Appeal will enable the Father and Maternal Aunt to give Order Consents that force UK Judges to accept Full Responsibility for Evidence Preservation or Evidence Destruction of UK Evidence needed for the Baby Murder Death Inquest in India. 

The Theodorou Divorce ZC14D02308 and Children Wardship Claim FD20P00642

In 2014 the Protection Fraud Network needed a Business Expansion Plan to avoid Total Collapse. They chose Family Sabotage Frauds to get Child Care Budgets and Budget Fraud Profits. They needed a Corruption Co-ordination Case that got Fraud Knowledge Admissions and Remedy Denial Fraud Commitments from hundreds of State Officers and Law Court Judges. The Corruption Co-ordination Case was the Family Sabotage Frauds by the State and Organised Criminal Father against the Mother and 6 children all of whom are British Born with British Citizenship Rights. The Father traded Corruption Cooperation in exchange for Divorce Property Frauds by the Family Court for him against the Mother. He made Bought Fraud Boasts. The Family Sabotage Frauds got Corruption Proof against the Father, His Representatives, the State and Law Courts. The Care Frauds against All 6 Children included Expatriation Frauds to Cyprus against the 2nd, 3rd 5th and 6th Children. The Criminal Conspiracy Proof includes Medical Records of Spinal Scoliosis Treatment Denial Frauds against the 2nd Child and Heart Defect Treatment Denial Frauds against the 5th Child. The Mother gave a Privilege Waiver and Confidentiality Waiver and use of the Divorce Property Frauds for the Corruption Remedy Process managed by the Citizen, Crown and Lord Bishops. It was very stressful. Law Court Judges committed Court Frauds but lost the confidence for Fraud Completion. The Divorce Property Frauds included a House Dispossession Fraud against the Mother. The 3 Oldest Children living with Mother. On the evidence available there were Kidnap Efforts against the 4th, 5th and 6th Children. School Authorities stopped Kidnap Attempt against the 4th Child and then destroyed the Event Video Evidence. The Mother got Release Decisions for the 5th and 6th Children by Cypriot Authorities and Release Refusal Kidnapping by the Case Officers. The Only Credible Explanation is to stop use of the Matrimonial Home by All 6 Children being Relevant Evidence in the Fraud Revocation Application of the Mother.

  1. On 9th October 2020 the High Court Family Division issued the Wardship Application FD20P00642 of the Mother for the 5th and 6th Children.
  2. It got Superior Jurisdiction for the High Court against the Family Court.
  3. It got a Pending Adjudication Enforcement Stay Protection Rights and Pending Adjudication Remedy Only Jurisdiction Limit for Citizen Mrs Theodorou against the Family Court
  4. It will get Corruption Remedies or a Remedy Denial Fraud Appeal to the Court of Appeal

The Trust Fraud Claim B01B0837, Corruption Claim 2020 000968 and Remedy Denial Fraud Appeal 2020 0742

Citizen Father Mr Sood is a Successful Immigrant with Limited English and Management Incapacity for Corruption Cases. The Trustee Son bought Land Frauds from County Court Judges. The Trust Claim Fraud got Court Records that are Order Breach Contempt Fraud Proof and Contempt Immunity Fraud Proof for the Citizen Father against the Trustee Son and the County Court. The Corruption Claim and Interim Remedy Denial Fraud Appeal added Contempt Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against the High Court and Court of Appeal. The Trust Fraud Claim B01B0837 Remedy Application by the Father got a BT MEETME Hearing listed for 10 a.m. on 23rd October 2020. The Contempt Remedy DRAFT Order of the Citizen Father includes a Court Motion Hearing Adjournment, Court Room Hearing and Court Motion Contempt Remedy Orders. The Fraud Appeal vests Conflict Jurisdiction in the Court of Appeal. Failure to make the Court Motion Orders will validate a Remedy Denial Fraud Appeal to the High Court and will be Relevant Evidence in the Corruption Claim in the High Court and the Fraud Appeal in the Court of Appeal.

The Corruption Claim Issue Denial Fraud and Lease Possession Fraud Claim F02ED793

The Lease Possession Fraud Claim F02ED793 got Criminal Conspiracy Proof for the Citizen Tenant against the Landlord, Landlord’s Representatives and County Court. The Directions Hearing Judge lost the confidence to complete the Possession Fraud and made Directions Orders and used the Possession Fraud Failure for a Costs Fraud for the Landlord against the Citizen Tenant. The Defence and Counterclaim, Directions and Costs Fraud Appeal of the Citizen Tenant got Filing Denial Fraud Proof against the County Court. The Possession Denial Appeal by the Landlord used the Sole Ground that the Citizen Tenant had Case Presentation Assistance at the Directions Hearing. All of it was Criminal Conspiracy Proof for the Citizen Tenant against the Landlord, Landlord’s Representatives and County Court. It was used for a Corruption Claim by the Citizen Tenant against the Prime Minister and Others. It got Issue Denial Fraud Proof against the High Court and on or about Filing Day 53 an Issue Refusal Decision and Incomprehensible Case Reason Master Mr Eastman. It will be used for an Interim Remedy Application in Royal Court 37 to the High Court Justices. The Issue Denial Fraud gets Pending Issue Enforcement Stay Protection Rights for the Citizen Tenant against the Landlord and County Court. 

Framing Fraud 012000266764 Hearing Denial Fraud and Connected Cases.

Top Judges and State Officers made Land Fraud Deals. They used Ruin Frauds against anyone who threatened exposure of the Land Frauds. Top Judges made Land Fraud Deals with Housing Association Officers. They used Tenancy Forgeries. Mr Nkrumah had Tenant Status and made Forgery Complaints. The Corrupt Officers demanded Ruin Frauds against him as Protection Frauds for them. The Housing Association Officers did not have Ruin Fraud Powers. The Ministry of Justice Officers procured Investigation Frauds by the Metropolitan Police and Prosecution Frauds by the Crown Prosecution Service that enabled Trial Frauds. Mr Nkrumah was clever enough to defend himself. They used a Court Room Eviction Fraud, In Absence Conviction Fraud, Sentence Fraud and Imprisonment Fraud. Mr Nkrumah and his Wife were both clever enough to file Prison Release Habeas Corpus Claims that got Issue Denial Fraud Proof against the Ministry of Justice and Law Courts. The Corrupt Officers used the Imprisonment Fraud for a Tenancy Claim Fraud and Without Notice Possession Fraud against Mr Nkrumah in the County Court. Corrupt Officers wanted to avoid a Criminal Appeal getting Hearing Audio Records of Mr Nkrumah presenting Criminal Conspiracy Proof against them. They used Criminal Appeal Forgeries to get Criminal Appeal Dismissal Frauds. Mr Nkrumah was clever enough to file a Criminal Appeal that discovered the Appeal Forgeries and Dismissal Fraud. The Corrupt Officers in the Ministry of Justice used Sentence Breach Prosecution Frauds. Mr Nkrumah discovered the Equity Monarchy Trusts and the Corruption Remedy Process. He made a Privilege Waiver and Confidentiality Waiver, got Citizen Status and allowed use of the case for the Remedy Process. The Citizen used a No Jurisdiction Plea and Repeat Contempt Remedy Applications that got Repeat Trial Fraud Proof against Court Lawyers and Judges. Fraud Stop Efforts by One Court Lawyer were ignored by a Two Magistrates who made Trial Fraud Orders. The Remedy Application Hearing started with Trial Frauds by the Hearing Judge that got Fraud Resistance by the Citizen. On the evidence available it broke the confidence of the Corrupt Officers. They gave up. They did it badly. The State Case Withdrawal by Corrupt Officers got Withdrawal Consequences Hearing Rights for the Citizen, and Hearing Denial Fraud Proof against the Hearing Judge. The Hearing Denial Fraud Appeal by the Citizen got Appeal Process Denial Frauds and Confusion Claims by Crown Court Officers. The Costs and Contempt Remedy Application by the Citizen got No Response from the Magistrates Court. The entire process got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Ministry of Justice Officers and both Criminal Conspiracy Proof and Protection Fraud Proof against the Magistrates Court, County Court, Crown Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. The Court Record Request by the Citizen got a Memorandum dated 17th September 2020 of Court Record Entries that are Perjury Proof and Forgery Proof against the Magistrates Court.

All of it supports Evidence Preservation and Witness Protection Applications by the Equity Lawyer. He intends to use the Contempt Claim Fraud 2020 000286 Hearing that is listed for 1st November 2020 and the Fraud Appeals for Protection Tests of the High Court and Court of Appeal.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis                                                                


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