Royal Commission: Lease Possession Claim Fraud F02ED793 of Citizen Mr Hastunc v Eatsnow Estates Limited

The Crown and Lord Bishops need an Integrity Tests to discover whether Council Mr Dhillon is a Remedy Manager or a Remedy Saboteur working for the Protection Fraud Network. 

Citizen Mr Hastunc is a Talented Chef but Almost Illiterate. Organised Criminals made a lot of money and bought a Derelict Site. They used Lease Misrepresentation Frauds to get Citizen Mr Hastunc to invest £357,000 in the Derelict Site and develop the business known as Cyprus Gardens with intent to commit Lease Possession Frauds. Violence Intimidation Frauds by Thugs in Balaclava Helmets failed to get a Lease Surrender.  In 2019 the Organised Criminals bought Land Frauds from Law Court Judges and started Lease Claim Fraud F02ED793. 

The Organised Criminals and Law Court Judges were unlucky with the timing. The Crown and Lord Bishops had managed a Corruption Remedy Process. It got Corruption Findings that were used to get a Forced Resignation from Prime Minister Mrs May, a Forced General Election and in December 2019 a Parliament Session Agreement that required a Royal Commission get Corruption Remedies before the Session End. 

Mr Hastunc gave a Privilege Waiver and Confidentiality Waiver that enabled the Crown and Lord Bishops to use the Lease Claim Fraud F02ED793 for Remedy Publicity. 

The Lease Claim Fraud GF02ED793 got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Organised Criminals and Law Court Judges. The Directions Hearing Judge lost the confidence to complete the Possession Fraud, committed Trial Direction Frauds and used the Possession Fraud Failure by the Organised Criminals for a Costs Fraud against the Citizen. The Citizen used Rent Defaults as Contempt Fraud Damages Offsets, filed Defences +get it Counterclaims and a Costs + Directions Fraud Appeal and got Filing Denial Fraud Proof against the County Court. The Landlord filed a Possession Denial Appeal that used the Sole Ground that the Citizen Tenant had Case Presentation Assistance at the Directions Hearing. The Law Court Judges needed a Bankruptcy Fraud against the Citizen Tenant for a Possession Fraud. They used a Local Authority to get it and failed. The Organised Criminals used the Filing Denial Frauds for a Rent Default Bankruptcy Fraud. It got Bankruptcy Fraud Defences that broke the confidence of the Law Court Judges complete the Possession Fraud and Bankruptcy Fraud. They used a Possession Appeal Adjournment Fraud to avoid a Hearing Audio Record of presentation of Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Law Court Judges by or on behalf of the Citizen. An Adjournment Notice Denial Fraud resulted in an attendance for the Possession Appeal Hearing that discovered the Adjournment Fraud. 

A Royal Commission Email from the Equity Lawyer reported on the Lease Claim Frauds. It got a Harassment Prosecution Threat by the Organised Criminals’ Representatives. The Threat Response from the Equity Lawyer got No Further Action by the Organised Criminals’ Representatives.

It is Common Practice for the Protection Fraud Network to use Remedy Saboteurs who express interest in the Corruption Case and make Help Offers. Most are Unqualified Persons who get Unqualified Law Practice Protection Frauds from the Law Profession Authorities and Law Court Judges. Sometimes they use Qualified Professionals. The Crown and Lord Bishops rely on Equity Lawyers and Citizens for Investigation Initiatives to distinguish between Remedy Managers and Remedy Saboteurs

Council Mr Dhillon expressed interest in the Lease Claim Fraud F02ED793 and gave his business card to Citizen Mr Hastunc, who gave it to Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis and asked him to make contact. The Crown and Lord Bishops needed an Investigation Initiative to discover whether Council Mr Dhillon is a Remedy Manager or Remedy Saboteur working for the Protection Fraud Network. The Equity Lawyer sent the Royal Commission Email dated 13th October 2020. The Email Response from Counsel Mr Dhillon asks whether the Equity Lawyer is on the Solicitors’ Roll. 

The Equity Lawyer is not on the Solicitor’s Roll. He is the victim of Law Practice Disqualification Frauds.  In 2004 he got Fraud Proof and used it for a Corruption Notice to the Crown and Parliament. It revived use of the Equity Monarchy Trusts. It started the Corruption Remedy Process that continues in 2020. It got Innocence Evidence Concealment Frauds Findings, Unfitness Findings and Dismissal Remedy Priority Decisions against Law Court Judges with an Execution Responsibility Decision against Prime Minister Mr Blair.  He could not service the Dismissal Decision because he had used Law Court Judges for Personal Frauds. It got a Remedy Failure Finding, Unfitness Finding and Dismissal Priority Finding against him. The Crown used it and Parliament Session Refusal Threats to get a 10 Months Forced Resignation from Prime Minister Mr Blair. During the process, Prime Minister Mr Blair tried to stop the Equity Lawyer providing Investigation Services that got Admissible Evidence for the Crown and Lord Bishops. Prime Minister Mr Blair used Law Court Judges for Mental Illness Incapacity Allegation Frauds and a Profession Fitness Investigation Fraud. It failed. The Law Society Prosecutor demanded Before Event Protection Fraud Proof from the Law Court Judges. A Mental Examination Consent Demand by the Law Society Prosecutor got a Consent Refusal by the Equity Lawyer. It broke the confidence for the Unfitness Investigation Fraud at that stage of the process. The Law Society Prosecutor was a Weak Link. The Equity Lawyer used it to advantage. He made Case Management Proposals that put pressure on the Law Society Prosecutor and telephoned him 3 days later. The Equity lawyer knew there was Electronic Eavesdropping by the Secret Service. He conducted the call in a way that got an Unfit Agent Report from the Electronic Eavesdroppers. It got a No Missing Body and No Forensic Evidence Kill Order from Prime Minister Mr Blair against the Equity Lawyer who knew to expect it. In April 2006 Two Murder Attempts failed. Prime Minister Mr Blair used a Without Notice and Without Hearing Law Practice Termination Fraud against the Equity Lawyer. It got a Law Practice Renewal Petition by the Equity Lawyer that gave a Corruption Case Explanation. Prime Minister Mr Blair, Law Court Judges Top State Officers, Barclays Bank Group Board and Drug Dealers needed a Bankruptcy Fraud for a Law Practice Disqualification Fraud against the Equity Lawyer.  They used Probate Fraud, Taxation Frauds and Bank Frauds to get it. They failed. Prime Minister Mr Blair, the Law Court Judges and Law Society used Corruption Proof Exclusion Frauds for Law Practice Frauds against the Equity Lawyer for Career Blackmail of All Qualified Lawyers.

Remedy Service Offers by Council Mr Dhillon to Corruption Victims in general and Citizen Mr Hastunc in particular are Relevant Evidence for Parliament Session Decisions by the Crown and Lord Bishops.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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