Royal Commission + Osteopath Profession Practice 2855 Case + Public Gallery Criminal Trespass + Assault + Kidnap Case 422100145155 + 2100096661

House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Citizen Ms Davies and General Osteopathic Council Regulation Officer Mr Bryan

The Royal Commission Email at 16.33 on 12th August 2021 got Email Address Removal Request at 11.09 on 13th August 2021 from Luton Magistrates Court. It gets an Emphatic Refusal for the Stated Reason that:

  1. The Public Gallery Fraud Conspiracy by Southend Magistrates and Essex Police was for a Public Gallery Criminal Trespass for the purpose of an Arrest Fraud + Assault + Kidnap against Citizen Mr Nkrumah. It was given Case References 422100145155 + 2100096661 and a Case Transfer to Hertfordshire Magistrates and Case Allocation to Stevenage Magistrates Court
  2. Luton Magistrates Court provided Email Services for Stevenage Magistrates Court
  3. St Albans Crown Court has a duty to conduct a Public Gallery Rights Investigation. It needs Records Preservation by Essex Magistrates and Hertfordshire Magistrates.
  4. The Court Officers have a duty to ensure that the Magistrates Court Resident Judges are kept informed so that   

The Royal Commission Email at 16.33 on 12th August 2021 contained the quoted words and got an Automatic Reply from the General Osteopathic Council Regulation Manager. 

“The Best Advice for the Osteopath Profession Practitioner 2855 Fitness Investigators is a Case Reference to the Profession Authority Chief Executive and Chief Lawyer. They need to decide whether to make a Conflict Disqualification Admission and Mental Records Demand Withdrawal. The Citizen Osteopath has New Evidence to support the Corruption Allegations that motivated the Mental Health Investigation.  The Royal Commission + Integrity Test Notice and Action Intent Notice Email from the Equity Lawyer got Automatic Acknowledgments from the General Medical Council, Prime Minister and House of Commons Speaker but not from the General Osteopathic Council. The Service Emails from the Citizen got the Inferred Acknowledgement that they did not provide the Mental Records Access Consent. The Action Intent Notice gave a Withdrawal Time limit that has expired. The Mental Investigation Stay Claim will use Updated Details of the Court Record Fraud Investigations. The Crown Court has a Public Gallery Rights Case that requires a Record Fraud Investigation of the Magistrates Court. It is a Fraud Investigation by a Higher Court of a Lower Court. The County Court has a Judgment Enforcement Case that requires a Record Fraud Investigation of the High Court. It is a Fraud Investigation by a Lower Court of a Higher Court. The Profession Fitness Case will get a High Court Claim that requires an Own Court Record Fraud Investigation. It will be an Own Court Frauds Investigation by the High Court. The Parliament Session Jurisdictions are interested to know whether a Profession Unfitness Prosecution Fraud forces an Own Records Fraud Investigation by the High Court or a Claim Issue Denial Fraud to avoid it. If they do, they are interested to know whether Full Disclosure gets Mental Examination Responsibility Acceptance and a Corruption Stress Finding and a Valid Protest Finding by a Psychiatrists for the Citizen against the Profession Authorities.”

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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