Royal Commission + Fraud Appeal + Public Gallery Rights Case Notice + ZC14D022308 + B01B0837 + G02EC632 + F02ED793 + G00CR488 + E02YM867 + 422100145155 + 2100096661 + Profession 2855 Fraud

House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

The Public Gallery Rights Case at St Albans Crown Court needs use of the Hearing Event on 31st August 2021 for a Public Gallery Rights Investigation. It will discover whether the Southend Magistrates Court Public Gallery Entry and Arrest on 12th May 2021 was a Burglary + Kidnap Contempt Fraud Conspiracy by Corrupt State Officers against the Citizen.

The Judgment Fraud Enforcement Claim F00LE923 at Leicester County Courts needs use of the Hearing Event on 20th September 2021 for a Court Record Contempt Fraud Investigation and Pending Investigation Enforcement Stay. The Contempt Fraud Investigation needs to discover whether the Fraud Appeal QB 2018 0239 £5,000 Costs Order is Genuine or Forged. The Public Access Request Subject Access Request 210510024 that got Case Record Denial Response Email at 15.38 on 29th July 2010 from Ministry of Justice Knowledge and Information Liaison Office <>  of the High Court QB 2018 0239 Case Record and Any Case Record that has Mr Francis Zarb as a Case Party.  The Corruption Remedy Process of the Parliament Session Jurisdictions discovered Record Frauds by the Law Courts. It created the need for  Seal Ink as Forensic Material for Forgery Identification and Audio Records as Personal Responsibility Proof against Identifiable Individuals. The Judgment Fraud Enforcement Claim F00LE923 is a Court Record Fraud Comparator Case for the Shop Theft Claims 2019 003741 + 003984  of Citizen Victim Mr Yediayli. They got High Court Seals on the Case Papers of the Citizen and 2 Backdated Forged Orders that were serviced on the Citizen Victim, and an Alleged 3rd Forged Compliance Breach Claim Dismissal Order that was not served on him. The Seal Ink is the Original Documents Proof and Backdated Forgery Proof and Compliance Proof and Compliance Denial Fraud Proof. It motivated Top Judges to make a Forensic Test Sabotage Fraud Plan. It needed Physical Possession of the Sealed Orders for Forensic Test Sabotage using either Evidence Destruction or Forgery Replacement. It used the County Court Claim Fraud G02EC632 + Hearing Notice Fraud to force the Citizen Victim to consult Qualified Lawyers and enable them to get Physical Possession and serviced the Sabotage Fraud. It got Case Instructions from the Citizen Victim to the Qualified lawyers, Silvine Law, who serviced the Forensic Test Sabotage Fraud. It failed. The Original Papers Demand got PDF Scans from the Equity Lawyer. The G02EC632 Case Report Email at 18.25 on 2nd August 2021 from Silvine Law to the Citizen Victim completes the Forensic Test Sabotage Proof Set. It acknowledges the £3950 Costs Payments by the Citizen Victim. It acknowledged the Alleged 3rd Forged Compliance Breach Claim Dismissal Order, fails to produce it and ignores the Seal Ink Forensic Tests.  The G02EC632 Adjournment Fraud in April 2021 avoided a Hearing Audio Record. The F00LE923 Sale Hearing Event will get an Audio Record.

The Supervising Judges and Court Officers who are responsible for Cases ZC14D022308 + B01B0837 + G02EC632 + F02ED793 + G00CR488 + E02YM867 need to know about the Court Record Fraud Investigations and that there are an Enormous Number of Similar Fact Fraud Cases. 

The Best Advice for the Osteopath Profession Practitioner 2855 Fitness Investigators is a Case Reference to the Profession Authority Chief Executive and Chief Lawyer. They need to decide whether to make a Conflict Disqualification Admission and Mental Records Demand Withdrawal. The Citizen Osteopath has New Evidence to support the  Corruption Allegations that motivated the Mental Health Investigation.  The Royal Commission + Integrity Test Notice and Action Intent Notice Email from the Equity Lawyer got Automatic Acknowledgments from the General Medical Council, Prime Minister and House of Commons Speaker but not from the General Osteopathic Council. The Service Emails from the Citizen got the Inferred Acknowledgement that they did not provide the Mental Records Access Consent. The Action Intent Notice gave a Withdrawal Time limit that has expired. The Mental Investigation Stay Claim will use Updated Details of the Court Record Fraud Investigations. The Crown Court has a Public Gallery Rights Case that requires a Record Fraud Investigation of the Magistrates Court. It is a Fraud Investigation by a Higher Court of a Lower Court. The County Court has a Judgment Enforcement Case that requires a Record Fraud Investigation of the High Court. It is a Fraud Investigation by a Lower Court of a Higher Court. The Profession Fitness Case will get a High Court Claim that requires an Own Court Record Fraud Investigation. It will be an Own Court Frauds Investigation by the High Court. The Parliament Session Jurisdictions are interested to know whether a Profession Unfitness Prosecution Fraud forces an Own Records Fraud Investigation by the High Court or a Claim Issue Denial Fraud to avoid it. If they do, they are interested to know whether Full Disclosure gets Mental Examination Responsibility Acceptance and a Corruption Stress Finding and a Valid Protest Finding by a Psychiatrists for the Citizen against the Profession Authorities.

Formal Demand that Silvine Law provide the 2019 003741 + 2019 003984 Alleged Strike Out Orders that the High Court has failed to serve on Citizen Mr Yediayli 

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis  

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