Royal Commission, Shop Theft G02ED632 Evidence Offer, REVISED BundleSchedule, Contempt Claim Fraud 2020 000286 and Fraud Appeal 2021 0065 Email

House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Lawyers, and Law Court Judges

The Shop Theft G02ED632 Defence Case Papers Request and Case Management Meeting Notice from the Defence Lawyers and Citizen Mr Yedialy got the Documents Schedules on 17th March 2021 and an Additional Evidence Notice from Equity Lawyer. The Case Management Meeting Time Request by the Equity Lawyer got Time Not Known Responses from Citizen Mr Yediayli and Interpreter Mr Say and a Text Notice Promise and Promise Breach from the Defence Lawyers.

The Shop Theft G02ED632 Defence REVISED Bundle Schedule dated 18th March 2021 from Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis is attached. It uses Bold Type to identify the Entry Additions. A Filing and Service Email will send the additions except for the Fee Remission Applications of Citizen Mr Yediayli.

The Contempt Fraud Appeal Filing Event of Citizen Ms Berry got an Appeal Rights Denial Fraud and Appeal Permission Application Demand Fraud by the Supreme Court, and Filing Day 18 Case Reference 2021 0065, Reference Notice, 21 Day Bundle Filing Time Limit Notice and Appeal Decisions Day Filing Time Period Start Notice from the Supreme Court.

Citizen Ms Berry will please file a Fraud Appeal 2021 0065 Bundle Filing Time Extension Application using the Reasons that:

  1. The Protection Fraud Market needed Fraud Commitment Proof from Top Judges.
  2. It got Contempt Trial Frauds by the High Court, Contempt Appeal Jurisdiction Usurpation Frauds by the Court of Appeal and Contempt Immunity Frauds by the Supreme Court.  
  3. The Protection Fraud Market needed Continuing Fraud Commitment Proof. Top Judges used thousands of cases to provide it.
  4. The Corruption Remedy Process managed by the Parliament Session Jurisdiction caused a Confidence Loss by Top Judges.
  5. Citizen Ms Berry gave a Privilege Waiver, Confidentiality Waiver and use of Contempt Claim Fraud 2019 004208 Defence Case and the Trial Fraud Appeals. They contributed to the Confidence Loss of Top Judges. They used the 2019 004208 Liability Trial for an Appeal Jurisdiction Advice Order on 10th February 2021 by the High Court for the Citizen against the State. The Appeal Jurisdiction Advice dated of State Counsel Mr Eardley was that the Appeal Jurisdiction against Contempt Decisions of the High Court was vested in the Supreme Court.  
  6. The Contempt Liability Fraud Appeal got the Case Reference 20210 0317 and in the morning before the 2019 004208 Judgment Hearing that started at noon. During the Judgment Hearing the Fraud Appeal 2021 0317 got a Jurisdiction Rejection Notice from the Court of Appeal
  7. The Contempt Trial Fraud Appeal of Citizen Ms Berry got an Appeal Rights Denial Fraud + Appeal Permission Application Demand Fraud + Case Reference 2021 0065 on Filing Day 18 and a 3 Day Bundle Filing Time Limit Notice from the Supreme Court.
  8. The Corruption Remedy Process needs Supreme Court to process the Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the High Court and Supreme Court. The Remedy Process needs the Fraud Appeal 2021 0065 Bundle to contain a Sample Set of Similar Fact Fraud Proof got by the Routine Court Frauds and Fraud Commitment Proof Frauds committed by the High Court and Court of Appeal.
  9. Citizen Ms Berry needs time to compile Test Case Bundle. She needs the assistance of Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis. He has a Similar Fact Fraud Appeal. He has Kidney Failure and Dialysis Treatment that denies him the use of 3 days a week. He spends the other 4 doing his best to service the Remedy Process. It uses many cases. They demand his attention.
  10. The Contempt Frauds against the Equity Lawyer include Appeal Frauds to the Court of Appeal. There was 1 in 2017 and 1 in 2018 and 5 in 2020. They are Similar Fact Fraud Proof for Citizen Ms Berry.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis


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