Royal Commission + Jurisdiction Trial 2022 0043 Witness Protection + Fraud Appeal 2022 000007 + Contempt Fraud Cases B01B0827 + F01P7696 + E02YM867

House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

The Incapacity Remedy Precedent + Reasons has been improved since midnight and is in the attached Revised Proposals dated 14th February 2022 for Citizen Mr Sood v Trustee Mr Sood.

Formal Warning that the Revised Proposals include the Corruption Remedy Process Reason that the Corruption Remedy Process needs Special Protection using a Use Prohibition for the Individual against the Cabinet and Prime Minister of the Legislation + Regulation + Policy + Precedent got in the 2019 and 2021 parliament Sessions for the Declared Reason that they are Crime Proceeds of the Election Frauds committed in the 2019 General Election. The Election Fraud Conspiracy by the Political Party Leaders denied a Credible Choice for Voters and thereby invalidated use of the Ultimate Sanction. Prime Minister Mr Johnson use of a News Broadcast for a Valid Election Comment. It was a Misrepresentation Fraud. The Election Fraud Proof is Admissible Evidence for use of the Special Protection Rights in the next Parliament Session. The People need Deterrent Penalties against the trade of Protection Fraud for Leadership Support Votes.  The most effective way to get is Use Prohibitions against the Power Increases for the State against the Citizen.

The Incapacity Remedy Precedent uses Jurisdiction Case Management Incapacity. The fact the vast majority of Qualified Lawyers have that incapacity eliminates any embarrassment for Unqualified Persons. It avoids the investigation and classification of Normal Incapacity and Abnormal Incapacity

Citizen Mr Hastunc is a Talented Chef. He has had Commercial Successes. He has the Emotional Maturity to make a Normal Incapacity Admission because of his Comprehension Deficit and Communication Skills Deficit. 

Incapacity Precedent Improvement eliminates the need to identify who was prepared to make the Abnormal Incapacity Admissions. The process that got the Admission Agreements assisted the Precedent Improvement.

Citizen Mr Hastunc reports he has Hearsay Evidence that the Cyprus Gardens Possession Fraud got Crime Proceeds Status and Money Laundering Status for the Freehold Vacant Possession Sale Proceeds and Money Transfer to Turkey. It enables Remedy Co-operation Test of the Purchaser + Representatives and Deterrent Precedents against All Responsible Parties

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

Royal Commission + B01B0837 + E02YM867 + G02EC632 + F00LE923 + 2021 000238 + F02ED793 + 2021 45 + 2021 0540 + 5120749 21 + SDA 3246 21 0101 IR + 2121217 21

House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges,

Legal Service of the Royal Commission + 2021 Parliament Session Corruption Remedy Test Notice dated 26th November 20921 to the MP for Mid Bedfordshire, Chelmsford, Harborough and Worcester on trust for All MPs

Legal Notice to the 5120749 21 + SDA 3246 21 0101 IR + 2121217 21 Case Officers of the Metropolitan Police that

  1. All Cases of Citizen Mr Akwasi Nkrumah are Remedy Process Cases for the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority. A Land Fraud Deal required Fraud Commitment Proof from Housing Association Officers to get Protection Fraud Supplies from Top Judges. Tenancy Forgeries by the Housing Officers got Forgery Complaints by the Citizen and Protection Fraud Demands by the Housing Officers. It got Ruin Fraud Call by Top Judges and Framing Frauds by the Metropolitan Police and then a Profit Share Demand by Top Police. It got a Profit Share Refusal by Top Judges and Ruin Fraud Service Refusals by Top Police. It forced use the Ministry of Justice Officers to complete the Ruin Frauds. Competent Case Management by the Citizen got Fraud Conspiracy Proof at every stage of the process. A Criminal Appeal by him discovered Corrupt Court Officers had used a Forged Appeal to get an Appeal Dismissal Fraud by Appeal Judges. A Fraud Appeal to the Court of Appeal got a Sealed Permission Refusal Fraud  that omitted the Appeal Judge Identities.   against the Idiot Officers did not know about the Fraud Service Refusals and tried an Incompetent Effort at a Drug Crime Framing Fraud against the Citizen. They failed to equip themselves with a Drug Supply as Planted Evidence and used a Half-Eaten Shia Butter Pack for a White Substance Suspicion Fraud + Arrest Fraud + Custody Fraud + Investigation Fraud + Charge Fraud + Family Sabotage Bail Conditions Fraud. It got Fraud Sabotage Fraud Support from the Local Authority. Remedy Process Case Notices and Competent Management by the Citizen broke the confidence of the Crown Prosecutors and then Local Authority Officers.
  2. The 2021 Parliament Session Priority is Remedy Delivery. It needed Responsibility Apportionment between Case Remedies by the Law Courts and Mass Remedies by Parliament. 11th May 2021 was Session Opening Day.  The next day the Citizen and Another sat in the Public Gallery and witnessed and a Motor Trial that got an Identification Refusal Fraud and Temper Tantrum and Secret Trial Fraud Plan by the Trial Judge. He left the court room and used the Judge’s Chamber to issue a Secret Public Gallery Clearance Fraud Order that got an Execution Fraud + Criminal Trespass of the Public Gallery + Assault Framing Fraud by Essex Police. Everything that could got wrong for Essex Magistrates did go wrong. It got a Fraud Admission + Confidence Collapse + Remedy Denial Fraud + Case Transfer from Essex to Hertfordshire + Plea Hearing Frauds + Crown Court Committal Fraud. It got Case Reference 2021 0297 + Fraud Admission + Confidence Collapse + Remedy Denial Fraud + Case Transfer by Crown Court Judges from St Albans to Chelmsford. It got Case Reference 2021 0540 + Case Transfer to Basildon and Secret Hearing Fraud Plan using a Hearing Notice Denial Fraud for an Appearance Failure Finding Frauds and either a Case Withdrawal Hearing Denial Fraud or an In Absence Trial Fraud. An Unused Material Notice from the Crown Prosecutor motivated Telephone Enquiries by the Citizen that discovered the Case Transfer and then the Secret Hearing. On 2nd November 2021 it got an Audio Record that is Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the Crown Prosecutor and Hearing Judge. There is more.
  3. Test Cases got Confidence Collapses that denied Fraud Completion by County Court Judges and forced High Court Judges to process the Fraud Conspiracy Proof against Guilty Parties, Guilty Representatives, Guilty State Officers, Guilty Court Officers, and Guilty Law Court Judges.
  4. It is Relevant Evidence that supports the Conflict Disqualification Jurisdiction Deficit Defence of the Citizen
  5. The Case Officers can have the Email Addresses of Case Officers who processed Fraud Conspiracy Proof against Top Police       

The Attached Documents have Case References, are Self-Explanatory and Similar Fraud Fact Evidence.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

Royal Commission + 2021 0297 + ZC14D022308 + B01B0837 + E04YM867 + G02EC632 + F02ED793 + G00CR488 + E02YM867 + F00LE923 + HOONR895 + H5DE8G7R + 0120017005133 + More

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Officers, Legal Representatives, and Law Court Judges,

Publicity Negotiation Advice that Citizens use the Publicity Negotiation Precedent to explain the Business Priorities and Operation Constraints of the Citizen and Equity Lawyer. It enables Conflicted Interest Enquiries by Media Managers that identify Journalists, Editors and Publishers who have a Common Interest in Honest Publicity. Attached are the Precedent PDF + Word Version and the Publicity Negotiation Offer of  Citizen Ms Davies as an example.    

The Public Gallery Rights Case 2021 0239 got a Crown Court Case Reference from Hertfordshire to Essex and then a Case Closure Plan Fraud. It needed a Case Acknowledgement Denial Fraud + Case Allocation Fraud + Secret Hearing Listing Fraud + Appearance Failure Pretence Fraud + Case Closure Fraud by the Crown Court. The Case Closure Fraud Conspiracy was discovered by use of Royal Commission Emails for Case Notices that got Acknowledgement Refusals by Chelmsford Crown Court, an Unused Evidence Notice from the Crown Prosecutor was Live Case Evidence, a Telephone Enquiry by the Citizen got Basildon Case Response from Chelmsford Crown Court, a Telephone Enquiry by the Citizen got an Oral Hearing Notice for 2nd November 2021 and then Hearing Notice Screenshot Email from Basildon Crown Court. Investigation is needed to discover who in the Crown Court did what, when and where.  

The Best Advice for Citizen Ms Davies is to impose Written Communications Only Condition + Personal Contact Prohibition against GP Dr Harris and Barbourne Medical Centre Manager Mrs L Tweney and make Fraud + Harassment Profession Unfitness Complaints to the NHS Ombudsman, General Medical Council and a Health Fraud + Harassment Criminal Complaint to Worcestershire Police.

Polite Request that Crime Proceeds Claim 0120017005133 in South West Magistrates Court of Citizen Ms Asha Virji Ekila v Metropolitan Police be used for Conflict Qualification Fraud Conspiracy Defence + Case Dismissal Application + Contempt Liability Claim + Contempt Investigation Application,  attend Lavender4 Hill Magistrates Court for the Directions Hearing at 12 noon on 2nd November 2021 and make an Adjournment + Listing Application that enables Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis and Citizen Mr Nkrumah  + Other Witnesses to attend and give Fraud Conspiracy Evidence against the State and Law Courts.   

The Parliament Session Agreements between the Crown and Prime Minister included Legal Service Crime Prosecution Prohibitions and Civil Court Penalty Enforcement Prohibitions for the Equity Lawyer against the Cabinet. It enabled Case Management by the Equity Lawyer that forced Corrupt Officers to demand Protection Frauds that needed Civil Court Contempt Frauds by Top Judges.  They used Contempt Fraud 2020 000286 Trial Frauds as Commitment Proof from the Law Courts to give Receivers the confidence to commit New Frauds to get Protection Fraud Supplies. The 2020 000286 Liability Finding Fraud on 16th December 2021 got a New Fraud Commitment Proof Set for the Parliament Session Jurisdictions against the Protection Fraud Network.

The Commitment Fraud Proof Set includes the F01PP7696 Mortgage Repayment Refusal Notice Fraud dated that day from Lawyers Walker Morris for Bank of Scotland with intent to get Possession Fraud Completion by the Romford Judges. The Fraud B01B0837 broke the confidence of County Court Judges to complete the Trust Frauds for Younger Trustee Son Mr Vishal Sood against Citizen Mr Sood. It prevented completion of the F01PP7696 Mortgage Possession Fraud. Sale Negligence got a Negligence Admission + £27,000 Settlement Agreement + Payment Default + Settlement Payment Claim E04YM867 + Case Closure Fraud for Lawyer Mr Ross Coates + Trust Accounting Denial Frauds by the Older Trustee Son Mr Ritesh Sood. A E04YM867 Claim Revival Decision + Questionnaire Filing Order dated 14th June 2021 got a Questionnaire Response + Proposals Filing and Service Email on 1st July 2021 by the Equity Lawyer for Citizen Mr Sood with a Case Reference Error of E02YM867 instead of E04YM867. The 8 Day Filing Time Limit Order dated 6th October 2021 got an Updated Questionnaire Response dated 11th October 2021 and case management Best Advice + Unsigned Response Filing + Service Email on 12th October 2021 from the Equity Lawyer to the Court and Parties. It got Signed Response Filing + Notice Email from Citizen Mr Sood to the Court and Equity Lawyer. A Telephone Call from Citizen Mr Sood got Oral Acceptance + No Personal Attendance Stay Away Request from Court Officer Mrs Patel. All of it got an Intervention Email at 13 14 on 13th October 2021 from the Older Trustee Son Mr Ritesh Sood to the County Court and Citizen Mr Sood and Equity Lawyer that reads  ‘FAO Romford County Court, Please do not accept any further applications from Sham Sood.  The man is mentally unwell and has nothing better to do than keep listing applications. There are already several applications listed to take place on the 17th of December and I believe the defendant is attempting to abuse the system by submitting further applications and delay the inevitable outcome. I attached evidence of the hearing and trust this will be sufficient.‘ The circumstances raise reasonable Suspicions that the Older Son Trustee Mr Ritesh Sood obtained an Undisclosed Benefit from the E04YM867 Case Closure Fraud. The Best Advice for Lawyer Mr Ross Coates was for Voluntary Full Disclosure + Voluntary Settlement Negotiations. The Best Advice for the Romford Judges was a Disclosure Order + Settlement Meeting Order for Citizen Mr Sood against Lawyer Mr Ross Coates. The Intervention Email supports the Best Advice.  It adds to Reasonable Suspicions that:

  1. Alleged Business Losses were Trust Assets Thefts by the Older Trustee Son against the Citizen Beneficiary Father
  2. Co-ordinated Case Management Frauds by Both Trustee Sons against the Citizen Beneficiary Father

All of it supports the Remedy Arguments for Co-ordinated Management of Contempt Investigation by the Law Courts of All Cases in which Citizen Mr Sood was a Claimant, Defendant or Interested Party and an Investigator Appointment Case Reference to the Cabinet 

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

Royal Commission + Remedy Process Final Squeeze + Profession Authority Frauds + 2021 0297 + ZC14D022308 + B01B0837 + G02EC632 + F02ED793 + G00CR488 + E02YM867 + F00LE923 + HOONR895 + H5DE8G7R

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Officers, Legal Representatives, and Law Court Judges,

The Home Sale Enforcement F00LE923 Fraud Appeal in the County Court and  Contempt Fraud Conspiracy Remedy Claim in the High Court have Identical Evidence. Also, they have Justice Mrs Stacey as a Fact Witness as to whether or not she sat for the 2018 0239 Appeal Hearing and made a Dismissal Order. Her Fact Testimony will be Fraud Conspiracy Proof either against the Appeal Hearing Event Evidence of Case Manager Mr Paul Spowerbutts or Case Record Denials of Ministry of Justice Officers got by Subject Data Access Request 210510024.

Polite Request that Citizen Mr Zarb:

  1. Make Address Changes for Miss Nalyima to that in her Witness Statement dated 8th October 2021,
  2. Sign Section 4 Box B in the Appellant Notice
  3. File the Fraud Appeal Papers in the County Court
  4. File the Contempt Fraud Conspiracy Remedy Claim Papers in the High Court

Attached is the Sealed Order Service Denial Fraud Complaints + Filing Notice to the County Court and High Court and the documents identified in it.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

Royal Commission + Public Gallery Crimes Summons Application + Profession Authority Frauds + 2021 0297 + ZC14D022308 + B01B0837 + G02EC632 + F02ED793 + G00CR488 + E02YM867 + F00LE923 + HOONR895 + H5DE8G7R

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Officers, Legal Representatives, and Law Court Judges

Grateful Thanks to Citizen Mr Akwasi Nkrumah attend the Royal Courts as Contempt Fraud Case Management Agent for Citizen Mr Brooks and file the Case Papers of which the attached Claim Form and Application Notice now have the Court Fee Reference and Claimant Signatures.

Polite Request that Citizen Mr Nkrumah do print + sign the attached Public Gallery Crime Conspiracy Hearing Demand and Summons Applications and email them to Chelmsford Crown Court and Chelmsford Magistrates Court and copy the email to the House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister Mr Johnson and Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis.

Final Waring to GP Dr Harris that unless within 7 days he gets Media Publicity for a Public Apology to Citizen Ms Michelle Lisa Davies the Profession Unfitness Complaint dated 6th October 2021 and Complaint Form will be sent to the General Medical Council. The Governance Frauds by All Profession Authorities enable Systematic Corruption with the use of State Offices + State Resources for Kidnap + Rape + Murder against Vulnerable Victims in the streets and Mental Health Fraud Rape + Career Ruin Frauds against Honest Professionals in the marketplace. The Top Judges are in Desperate Competition to avoid the creation of anything that is Personal Responsibility Proof against them. The vast majority of them have stopped using the Incomprehensible Case Declaration Frauds + Similar Case Dismissal Frauds. The Complaint Response dated 8th October 2021 from the Medical Centre Manager contains an Incredible Comprehension Denial. The Appointment Proposals is an Obvious Entrapment Fraud.  In the circumstances of the case a Comprehension Denial is a Lunatic Response and Malicious Intent Proof. The failure to take Personal Responsibility for the Complaint Response and the Lunatic Response of the Medical Centre Manager are both Aggravated Contempt Fraud Proof + Medical Profession Unfitness Proof for the Parliament Session Jurisdictions against GP Dr Harris. The Profession Fitness Fraud Conspiracy against Citizen Ms Davies are Relevant Evidence for the Judicial Enquiry into the Police Frauds that resulted in Kidnap + Rape + Murder.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

Royal Commission + Remedy Process Final Squeeze + Profession Authority Frauds + 2021 0297 + ZC14D022308 + B01B0837 + G02EC632 + F02ED793 + G00CR488 + E02YM867 + F00LE923 + HOONR895 + H5DE8G7R

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Officers, Legal Representatives, and Law Court Judges,

The Conflict Qualification Fraud Conspiracy Review got an Email Processing Refusal by the Emergency Service of the Administrative Court, and then a Same Day Process Refusal of the Postal Delivery received at 10.01 in the morning.  

The Child Trafficking Wardship Hearing got an Audio Record of a Contempt Remedy Jurisdiction Denial Fraud and Order Breach Contempt Remedy Denial Fraud. Since then, a Decision Proof Denial Fraud has prevented filing of the Fraud Appeal to the Court of Appeal. On the evidence available the Wardship Frauds have got a Confidence Collapse and Divorce ZC14D02308 Property Fraud Hearing Vacation Notice and 7 ½ Months Available Dates Request from the Family Court.

Polite Request that Citizen Mr Brooks make any necessary corrections to the attached Contempt Claim Form and Interim Remedy Application against the Prime Minister and Ministry of Justice, and use an On-Line Fee Remission Application to get an Official Record of them. Please add the Arrest Warrant Documents to the Schedule Bundle.

There is no need to produce everything in it. The DRAFT Orders dated 12th August and 9th September 2019 are enough evidence of the Claim Issue Denial frauds and Hearing Denial Frauds.  

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis